BEC Safety Philosophy

Safety is a state of mind, engendered from the top of command down to the lowest working level through positive action and good leadership. Most accidents result from not applying proper safety principles. These accidents can be prevented, but only with the full cooperation of every person concerned. This means that safety is a function of all hands, not just the safety observers. Only by the continuous and vigorous application of safety rules, regulations, and training can the level of ordinance accidents/incidents be eliminated.


Commitment to Safety

Benton’s Equipment & Construction, Inc. has a proactive attitude towards safety. Our commitment to safety starts at the top, which filters down to our employees, who are our most important assets. We do not compromise our employee’s safety, and we strive to stay on top of the changes in our industry. We have a well-trained workforce, with safety manager and safety technicians with a combined 38 years of experience in pipeline and industrial safety that will continue to serve our clients successfully.


Qualified Personnel

BEC ensures that employees are qualified to perform their job accurately and within compliance to federal/client standards. All individuals working on DOT-regulated pipelines and facilities have appropriate operator qualifications to perform specific covered task and are qualified through NCCER and Veriforce.

Mission Statement

It is the policy and responsibility of Benton’s Equipment & Construction, Inc. to promote the health and safety of our employees, subcontractor employees, clients, and company assets, as well as the public, environment, and communities in which we work. It is paramount and imperative in how we will conduct our business activities. The promotion of a safe and healthy work environment, prevention of accidents, and the respect for the environment will be the established philosophy for all of the company’s work locations, and it shall be a critical element of our culture.

Managing HSE issues is an essential component of our business strategy. We will take a proactive approach in creating a safe work environment for all employees and will strive to provide and maintain safe working conditions, require safe working practices, and comply both domestically and internationally with applicable federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and standards. Management is required to promote continuing safety education to assign and monitor responsibilities for all aspects of our HSE programs, and to routinely review the HSE programs to identify opportunities for improvement.

The Company will conduct its business in ways to protect worker health and safety through education that addresses prevention of accidents, injuries, illnesses, and losses. Benton’s Equipment & Construction, Inc. will continue to be a leader in the HSE arena by performing its work in compliance with our HSE policies and procedures.